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Campana's connectivity service leverages on our reliable network with full redundancy, strong top-level upstream partnerships and extensive peering arrangements to give ISPs, MVNOs, and OTTs a robust global Internet backbone.


Peering arrangements with some of the tier 1 telecommunications operators enable Campana to offer speedy delivery of content through low-latency, one-hop access to all major Internet destinations. Our IP Transit offers a flexible pricing model with fixed or burstable bandwidth options with the most stringent service level agreements.


Connectivity products include the following:


  • Ethernet: 100GbE, 10GbE, 1GbE

  • SDH: STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM- 64

  • OTN: ODU-2 (10Gbps), ODU-3 (40Gbps), ODU-4 (100Gbps)

  • Wavelength

  • Indefeasible right of use, long-term lease and lease to buy

  • IP Transit, IPLC, and DIA

  • E-VPN, and IP-VPN


Our MPLS metro fiber network allows our B2B customers to build and operate their virtual private networks. Through a combination of high network availability and world-class service guarantees, you can rely on us to consistently deliver excellent voice, data and video services:



Enterprise products include the following:


  • Security: Firewall & Anti DDoS

  • Unified Comms: VoIP & Vido Conferencing

  • System Integration of ICT infrastructure


symmetrical data center room with futuri

With our PoPs in three countries, we can meet your compute, storage and connectivity requirements today and scale according to the demands of your business.


Because we own the network and have partnerships in place that connects these facilities, we are able to offer your virtual cross-connect within a data center or data centers between countries, helping you save.


Datacenter & Cloud product include the following:


  • Storage and Disaster Recovery

  • Colocation and Datacenter services

  • Virtual Port and Virtual PoP

  • Private Cloud: Media Streaming, PaaS, Office Solutions, and VMs.










General Terms and Conditions of Service for Direct Internet Access (DIA).

This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") applies to the use of all Services provided by Campana MYTHIC Company Limited, ("Campana") to its Customers.

The Reference Access Offer (RAO) applies to the use of Services provided

by Campana TARO Co.,Ltd. to its customers

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